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The cheapest domain names!

Making a site

The most convenient, easiest and most affordable web host in the Netherlands is

  • you choose your domain name
  • optionally expandable with a website package
  • your site and / or domain name is online!

And then you can get started to set up your site completely the way you want it. If you still have questions, our helpdesk is always ready to speak to you personally.

Expandable is the best place to create your own site, from a simple website to however extensive you want to go. has developed a lot of useful plugins for this, see what is possible if you want to make your site even more extensive. Consider, for example, a member log-in, an online rental calendar, making appointments online or sending mailings. But that's by no means all, we have many more plugins for your website.



Domain names

At you are guaranteed to get the cheapest domain names and if you register your domain name with us for three years, you even get the first year for free! Compare the prices here.

So go to Register domain and quickly claim your own domain name before someone else takes off with it! And please note, all our prices include VAT.




Including email

All packages (except the Starter) contain a number of e-mailboxes by default. You can also opt for an "e-mail only" package, without a website. You can then create an email address with your own domain name. For example And if you find it difficult to set up your e-mail program, we will do it for you!

Price comparison domain name registration

The table below gives you an overview of what the most popular Dutch hosting companies charge for the .nl domain name and what the domain names actually cost per year and per 3 years.


1st year
per year

3 years
Mijndomein 1,45 11,18 23,81
Yourhosting 1,21 16,93 34,86
Transip 4,83 9,67 24,17
Hostnet 6,05 13,31 32,67
Argeweb 1,15 16,93 35,01
KPN 4,46 12,05 28,56 5,99 5,99 11,98
  prijzen incl. BTW   update: 30-06-2021